Executive Team

DittoDisk will ramp up operations to meet the demands of the following business evolution stages, with the intent to work quickly to build a management team and bring products to market, while also building sales teams, support staff, and physical plants.

Board of Directors

DittoDisk will have a Board of Directors, however, it will initially consist of the founding four members: Bryan Emerson, Karen Cash, Ted Nolan and Gina Raebel. After the first year, the founding team will determine who outside of DittoDisk management should be invited to reside on the Board as an external perspective will be important in terms of maximizing growth opportunities. Once a partnership is formed with one or more OEM’s, one representative from each organization will be considered as they will have a vested interest in guiding the direction of the company.

Advisory Committee

While an Advisory Committee will have no legal responsibility for DittoDisk, these members will be crucial to success as they will offer assistance and industry knowledge.  The founding members would like Dr. Velle Kolde, the Director of Washington State University’s Executive MBA program, to serve on DittoDisk’s Advisory Committee as he has extensive experience with guiding startup companies toward profitability, he has been instrumental in determining the feasibility of DittoDisk as a product and he has helped to shape every aspect of the business plan.

In addition to Dr. Kolde, Heidi Asplund has agreed to participate in DittoDisk’s Advisory Committee. Ms. Asplund is currently the Application Development & Integration Manager at FUJIFILM Holdings.  She served as a key guru during DittoDisk’s feasibility analysis stage and has an extensive background in IT and hardware procurement which will be beneficial as partnerships with OEM’s, and later B2B customers, are solidified.

Consultants & Other Specialists

While the DittoDisk’s founding members possess a complementary skill set, DittoDisk will need to enlist consultants for specific expertise that does not warrant the costs associated with full time employment.  The company will secure an attorney, an accountant and an HR specialist to assist periodically with legal issues, leases and manufacturing contracts, financial advising for capital investment and taxes, as well as various human resources functions.

Key Personnel to be Added

DittoDisk’s management team will begin recruiting for the following positions as soon as possible:

  • VP Production
  • Technical Support Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Accounts Payable Manager
  • Outside Sales Representative
  • Customer Service Representative

In the interim, Bryan Emerson will serve as VP of Production, Karen Cash will act as technical support, purchaser and warehouse manager, Ted Nolan will handle DittoDisk’s accounts receivable and payable responsibilities and Gina Raebel will cover all sales representative and customer service duties.

Management Style/Corporate Culture

DittoDisk recognizes that its employees are one of the most valuable aspects of the business. Therefore, it will be important that these individuals are made to feel as if they can affect change and that they are contributing to a worthwhile effort.  The corporate culture will encourage collaboration, team-building, employee recognition and the continued development and refinement of relevant skill sets.

Acknowledging that employee retention and loyalty are critical to DittoDisk’s success, the management team will provide decisive leadership, clear and fair policies, and strive to always err on the side of over communicating.  Additionally, suggestions will be solicited from all employees and management will be responsive to any employee concerns.  As DittoDisk is a startup, each employee will wear many hats and everyone will be encouraged roll up their sleeves to chip in wherever help is required.